1. Quan tahn
    My favourite Vietnamese restaurant- not once have I left unsatisfied.
  2. Late night Asian restaurants
    Including but not limited to - cyber city on wickham st - coffee square in market square in sunny bank
  3. High gate hill park
    The best place in Brisbane to watch the sun set
  4. Kangaroo point
    Beautiful view of the city and the story bridge, and one of my favourite places to go for a run
  5. The gelato place behind Sugo mi on Oxford st
    Turkish delight, ginger nut and toasted marshmallow flavoured gelato... Need I say more?
  6. River walks
    I have taken many a date on a romantic lamp lit walk along the river. My favourites are the Tenerife to new farm walk, the official river walk in new farm, the eagle st walk, the bulimba walk and the kangaroo point walk. Get some delicious gelato and take ur friend for a walk- it'll be the best part of your night.
  7. All of the burger places
    This one needs a whole other list entirely. Honourable mentions- bens burgers, chur burger and miel.
  8. Donut boys
    Donut time can fuck itself, viva la donut boys!
  9. Balmoral and Hawthorne cinemas
    Cheap movies!!
  10. Anytime fitness
    My favourites are the West End gym and the Salisbury gym
  11. 4ZZZ
    Brisbanes local radio station bringing us such segments as the Monday night punk hour and the Saturday night witching hour.
  12. Hillside cresent
    Beautiful views and if you're lucky you could pay the llama and deer in the yard of the castle on top of the hill.
  13. Sushi edo
    All plates $3.50 and you can order from an iPad
  14. The bottle-o in the Myers centre that is open until midnight every night
  15. Karaoke city in Adelaide st
    Byo karaoke rooms
  16. The Brunswick hotel
    Affectionately known as The Brunno
  17. The RSPCA at wacol
    Pat the pupppiessss. And the op shop there is very good too.
  18. The Red Hill Salvos
    Always has something worth buying, guarantee!
  19. Toms confectionary warehouse
    Tonnes of chocolate and lollies... My ex won me over by buying me a giant toblerone from here.
  20. My cootha look out
    I don't care what you say the look out is good as hell. Just don't park your car at the car park half way up
  21. Sandgate jetty
    Under construction at the moment. Honourable mention to Manly jetty too!
  22. The trees lit up with fairy lights in the city and on James st
  23. The fresh lemon soda from that Vietnamese place in Inala
    Don't ask me for the name
  24. Nudgee dog park/beach
  25. The house in sinnamon park with the amazing Christmas lights
  26. The story bridge.