(while clocked in)
  1. Gossip/News
    Did you hear...? They're either talking or looking up new articles about something they just heard.
  2. Food is available
    Whether it's potluck day, birthday, or leftover food from a meeting they weren't in, it's a reason they need to grab some food on the clock before it's all gone.
  3. Computers/phones are down
    No one thinks IT is important until the system goes down.
  4. Meetings
    It's kind of difficult to do your job when you've been in meetings all day.
  5. Old/absent coworker is visiting
    Just add a new baby and good luck getting work done as they hand the kid around.
  6. Laziness
    They just can't. Some of us don't run out of work to do, but they half-ass their way to being done more quickly. Guess who has to fix their lazy mistakes?