Vacation in Puerto Rico

  1. Be happy and Puerto Rico keeps you happy .blue skies , bright sunlight always
  2. Beach beach beach
  3. Drinks too - remember to be a responsible drinker
  4. Don't miss Culebra - a Island from San Juan . Absolutely spectacular
  5. Bio luminous bays - but only good in dark days and in active bio bays
  6. Mofongo to eat - customize it, a bit heavy and starchy though
  7. Salsa to dance
  8. you will hear cars passing with blaring music .these are normal here .
  9. Watch for mosquitos
  10. Some secluded places may not be safe . Poverty is visible in some area
  11. Suits everyone .
  12. Old San Juan feels like being in spain
  13. Drive the entire island end to end in 7 hrs .
  14. Elyunque national forest - untouched reserve for 100s of years . Real nature , the smell , the breeze is distinct , crisp and fresh
  15. Pina colada born here - go to the place in San Juan where it started
  16. Google maps may not work or confuses - have a print Map as standby
  17. Taxes are higher . They tax for everything .
  18. Spanish is the most spoken , but you can survive with English
  19. Don't need visa to enter Puerto Rico