As a compulsive to-do listmaker I got through various stages in my quest to getting organized
  1. Oh I should make a list of things to do
  2. First I should drive to staples and get some stationary to make this list
  3. Should I get a regular notepad or buy an organizer
  4. I mean it's the 21st century should I just be making a list electronically
  5. How can I see it on my phone, should I put it on the cloud
  6. Am I morally against the cloud?
  7. Ok focus just but the 50 dollars worth of stationary and get back to work
  8. Wow that took an hour
  9. Ok how many to-do lists should I make- one for work, one for personal?
  10. What about the to-do's that span both
  11. Oh man, that is LONG. Lemme put some stuff I already did so I can cross it out.
  12. Oh crap, palpitations, i've wasted time I don't have and now I have 70 items on my list
  13. Arrgghhhh I'll never get it done
  14. I deserve a break... An episode of parks and rec and wine?
  15. 7 episodes later... Damn it netflix
  16. I should just go to sleep and get an early start. Yeah, i deserve a break.
  17. Crap! I slept in, late for work.
  18. Oh well. I'll make another list tonight.