A list of topics to google and speak with your retina doctor about if you've just been diagnosed. I've had recurrent CSR for 2 years until receiving PDT and now I'm in the clear. I'm very active in researching and implementing healthy changes, and I've been to 5-10 excellent retina specialists. Luckily, I've not had significant permanent damage.
  1. Find the best possible retina specialist and travel to meet with them if required, even if they are not the doctor who diagnosed you.
    Often university eye institutes will have doctors who are most up to date on research and treatments
  2. Reduce (or eliminate) stress triggers in your life - your eyes are too important!
    Eliminate stress triggers if possible, quit stressful jobs, unhealthy relationships, etc. Take a break and slow down to rest and recover. Seek therapy, research and ask doctor or psychiatrist about medications for mental health (and consult your retina specialist on any medications). A specific recommendation is to take the Genomind test to help determine safe mental health medications for you.
  3. Read about what causes the disease, and what is happening when it occurs
    Commonly you will find the following: Elevated stress hormones (namely corticosteroids) caused by chronic stress, lead to inflammation in choroidal blood vessels, which traps sub retinal fluid in the layers of choroid and retina causing serous detachment.
  4. Half fluence photodynamic therapy
    Regarded as the best treatment for chronic and recurrent CSR
  5. Stop steroid, stimulant, creatine, excess sugar, and alcohol consumption
    With doctor's oversight
  6. Actively change habits to ensure good sleep
    Research circadian rhythm. After dinner avoid screens, work, drinking fluids, heavy thinking
  7. Reduce heart rate and blood pressure
    Work to lower heart rate when at rest. Use Fitbit or similar to monitor. Slow breathing, relaxation exercises, etc. Blood pressure is naturally highest between 6:30 and 7:00 in both am and pm
  8. Eplerenone
    Research studies exist demonstrating efficacy
  9. Propranolol
    Similar to Eplerenone but with fewer side effects, less supporting research however
  10. Avoid fluorescent lighting and screens while healing
    Avoid the harmful stress on the retina from blue light and flicker, especially when healing
  11. Purchase glasses from SomniLight
    Best blue blocker tints to protect eyes from harmful light while healing
  12. Eat healthy
    Organic, greens, vegetables, healthy fats, legumes, nuts, wild caught fish. Eliminate fast food, junk food, processed foods. Refer to Environmental Working Group
  13. Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and DHA
    Find reputable good quality supplement sources such as Now Foods and Carlson
  14. Consider Ketogenic Diet for retina and choroid healing
    Only with doctor's oversight
  15. Deepak Chopra Secret of Healing Guided Meditation
    Free on YouTube, very calming and reassuring! Highly recommend! Also available on Audible
  16. Tara Brach Podcast (Guided Meditations)
    Free, many good meditations and wisdom to help live calmly and reduce stress hormones
  17. Azopt Eye Drops
    Many doctors will scoff at this eye drop as a treatment but some may be open minded about it for CSR mitigation as the way it works supports a theory for helping treat CSR
  18. Exercise is ok, and probably good
    Recommend high intensity interval style training as well as sufficient rest days with low heart rate (see above)