Ask and you shall receive. Here's our requested list of the best Chirashi in LA. S/o to @ericlane, our sushi specialist for this one.
  1. Sushi Gen
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    Our go-to lunchtime Chirashi. Don't be scared off by the squid and octopus.
  2. Murakami
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    While labeled a sashimi bowl, it's too good of a value to leave off the list. Plus they let you customize it, like Chipotle, but it's fish and doesn't cause massive heartburn.
  3. Komasa
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    Solid spot in Little Tokyo, but get there reallllllll early if you don't want to be waiting forever.
  4. Sushi Go 55
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    Huge portions and a bigger variety than the other bowls in town.
  5. Kiriko
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    Ken knows more about salmon than any other dude in town. The Chirashi is lunch only, reasonably priced, and probably the best in LA. We buried the lead here.