The world is ending in 24 hours. Apparently no one else knows this because all your favorite restaurants are open. Money and caloric-intake are no object. It's time to eat as many dishes as you can before it all ends.
  1. Ostrich Farm's Caesar Salad
  2. Cliff's Edge's Mexcal Cocktail
  3. Kush's Pork Buns
  4. Ye Rustic Inn's Hot Wings
  5. Modern Eats's Wild n Crazy BLT
  6. Mexicali Tacos's Vampiro Quesadilla
  7. Guisados' Sampler Platter
  8. Olio's Margherita Plus
  9. A bathtub of Mixto's Guacamole to sit in as the world burns.
  10. Die happy.