Brioche buns, croissants, and Texas toast can GTFO because an eggy breakfast in a tortilla is our favorite eggwich of them all. Here are your best bets in LA.
  1. Tacos Villa Corona - Atwater Village
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    No artisanal ingredients here. Seasoned egg and cheese with your choice of meats, and fried potato or tortilla strips. Which one should you get? All of them, obviously.
  2. La Azteca Tortilleria - East LA
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    Gargantuan belly bombs served in housemade tortillas, which may be the best flour tortillas in LA. Ask nicely and they will throw in a chili relleno with the potato and egg.
  3. Cofax Coffee Shop - Fairfax District
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    Parking is a pain, but it's very much worth it. Grilled top and bottom and some immaculate smoked potato make this a perfect snack on the way to work. Grab some for your coworkers and be a Real American Hero.
  4. Square One - East Hollywood
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    You're gonna need to dine-in to eat this smothered beast. Fork and knife are a must. Also, grab the only fruit salad ever that makes you want to actually order a fruit salad.
  5. The Oaks Gourmet - Hollywood Hills
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    This thing is an instrument of efficiency. Fried egg, sharp cheddar, crisp bacon, and julienned scallions. The only knock is that this is a BYO-hot sauce situation.
  6. Coffee Commissary - Burbank location only
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    The brisket burrito is greasier than a store that sells grease and maybe had a spill or something. But the yolky goodness is worth it. If you can't take a nap immediately afterwards, though, opt for the veggie.
  7. My Taco - Highland Park
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    No nonsense and thick. Hit up the salsa bar for the killer avocado sauce.
  8. Tere's - Hollywood
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    These hearty burritos will fall apart as you eat it. A messy affair likely to end in a stained shirt, a gassy body, and a huge smile on your face. They go heavy on the sour cream which is 100% not a complaint.
  9. Cacao Mexicatessen - Eagle Rock
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    The Disneyland of breakfast burrito spots - totally amazing unless it's a weekend or a holiday. Any other time, swing by for a chorizo, bacon, sausage links, or machaca burrito.