10 of the best spots for outdoor summer eating in Chicago, as seen in our Infatuation Chicago Summer Guide.
  1. Parson's Chicken & Fish
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    Many say Parson's is the best patio in the city, and we agree it's in the running. Not much is better than eating fried chicken and sipping on negroni slushies on a beautiful day.
  2. Homestead on the Roof
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    This farm to table restaurants is one of the few places in the city that actually feels like a farm to table meal.
  3. Homeslice
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    Homeslice is business in the front and party in the back. The colorful signs and lights make it a great nighttime patio for pizza and beer.
  4. Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits
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    The best morning or afternoon hang with no alcohol involved. Biscuit sandwiches and pie are all you need.
  5. Spacca Napoli
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    Our favorite pizza in Chicago isn't deep dish. It's the thin crust Italian style pizzas at Spacca Napoli. They've got a great patio too.
  6. Tanta
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    Tanta is serving bangup Peruvian fusion food on an excellent rooftop.
  7. The Duck Inn
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    One of the best new restaurants is bringing attention to the Bridgeport neighborhood. The space is beautiful.
  8. Calumet Fisheries
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    They don't make fish shacks like this anymore. The South Side classic is a must visit for smoked fish.
  9. Big Star
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    Tacos and margaritas outside all day long. That's what Big Star is for.
  10. Fish Bar
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    Chicago might not be known for lobster rolls, but Fish Bar is a quaint Lincoln Park restaurant where you want to hang and have one. The satchmo po'boy with fried shrimp and crawfish is legit too.