Welcome to our company mandated list of banned words. If used without any sense of irony, the offending writer is immediately fired.
  1. Foodie
    We're not going to hate on your grandma when she uses it because she likes going to restaurants. But we will hate on you though. Take it out of your social media bio, along with "jetsetter" and that disclaimer that your tweets are your own. Your company won't be held liable for your hot take on Anne Hathaway's dress at the Oscars.
  2. Nom
    Bad when it's used in social media comments, unforgivable when said aloud.
  3. Yummo
    This was either started by Rachel Ray or an Australian. Either way, it's fucking terrible and you better not say it.
  4. Any Conjugation of Yum
    Yummers, Yummsters, Yummage, Yummasaurus... We could go on, but do you really want us to?
  5. Delish
    It only costs you one more syllable to say the whole word, and it will earn you a lifetime of not being such an asshole.
  6. Foodgasm
    What exactly happens during a foodgasm? Do we want to know?
  7. I Die
    You died from that photo of cake? This food stuff is serious.
  8. Gorg
    See, "Delish."
  9. Amazeballs
    Who is responsible for this? There's a 50% chance the perpetrator is on ListApp, and you must be held accountable.
  10. Adorbs
    Not really food related, but still. Please stop.