1. his flannel
  2. his kisses
  3. the way his tongue feels when we kiss (it's kind of cold, in a really good way)
  4. his fucking hands
  5. his arms
  6. his legs
  7. how soft his skin is
  8. the way he holds my hand
  9. the way I feel when he looks at me
  10. when he calls me by a pet name
  11. when he does nice things for me
  12. when he tells me he misses me
  13. when he sends me nice messages, unprovokes
  14. when he kisses my forehead
  15. when he kisses my cheek
  16. when he kisses my neck
  17. when he gets jealous
  18. hugging him
  19. sitting in his lap
  20. cuddling with him
  21. when his arms are around me
  22. when he lays his head on top of mine
  23. his cheeks
  24. his tummy
  25. his legs
  26. when he vapes
  27. his jeep
  28. his hips
  29. when he unexpectedly says something cute
  30. when he buys me stuff