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  1. Contact case & solution
    I'm blind
  2. Glasses
    See above
  3. Smith's rosebud salve
    In Minted Rose
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  1. Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Classic toll house
  2. Cherry pie
    Really any pie
  3. Short Bread Cookies
    Four ingredients to perfection
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  1. An organized pantry
    It's not perfect but nothing here is expired, so there's that
  2. Mac and Cheese
    I made this!
  3. Mascara
    I took a picture of this to send to my mom because she was looking for a recommendation. It's YSL Baby Doll and it is one of my favorites
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Not even a little ashamed
  1. Going to bed early.
    At like 8:30!
  2. KUWTK
    Drama, family, drama, glamour, drama, etc.
  3. Dessert in any and every form
    If you don't like dessert you are just lying to yourself.
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