...and horses. Because I just became the newest board member of HiCaliber Horse Rescue and I want you guys to know all about it. www.hicaliber.org.
  1. I love horses
    Every since I was a little kid I've been completely in love with horses and would probably jump out of a moving car for one. You have not lived until a horse has blown in your ear.
  2. You should love horses too or at least be deeply grateful to them.
    If horses aren't your bag that's cool, but you should take a moment to say thanks to them because they basically built civilization. If you live on the west coast you are here because they hauled all the shit over here first.
  3. Horses are used in therapy and it totally works
    Horses are used to treat soldiers with PTSD, kids with learning disabilities, people with eating disorders. They work with prisoners to get them to chill out and learn patience.
  4. Horses don't lie.
    This is true. Horses are prey animals and are designed to be hyper aware of all the shit that is going down around them. This means when you hang with a horse they will call you on your shit IMMEDIATELY. Which means if you want the horse to think you are calm, you have to BE calm - you can't just fake it. Which is why they are so effective in therapy.
  5. And yet horses need saving.
    All you need to know is that there are these things called kill auctions and horses are transported out of the country in horrible conditions to be slaughtered. This makes me want to throat punch pretty much everyone, but I will just focus on the positive and mention this bad ass organization one more time. Www.hicaliber.org
  6. You know what's weird?
    I always said that if I could do anything I would save horses. And then this opportunity just dropped in my lap to be a member of this board and I just find that spooky, weird and great.
  7. Do you owe me money or do I have dirt on you?
    If so, just please go ahead and make a donation to HiCaliber at their website www.hicaliber.org. Please write that I made you do it. It's a serious mitzvah and tax deductible.