I know I am missing so many other lies! Please add ones you have noticed.
  1. "Water Landing"
    I don't think a water landing is actually a thing. It's a water crash, you guys. But airplane people make it sound like the pilot just might decide to land on the water someday, for some reason.
  2. Your Seat Cushion is a Flotation Device
    Not a lie per se, but definitely misleading because I don't think this will really matter after a "water landing."
  3. Gel Manicures Last for Two Weeks
    They just don't . Unless I'm the only person in the world who washes dishes or gardens or unbuckles things? (Am I?) I didn't think this was really an important lie until my friend saw my chipped manicure and let out a loud scream and then panted "that's supposed to last two weeks!" (This is true, this happened).
  4. Yes, We Have Decaf
    Don't fall for this
  5. Law School is Hard
    Please. Think about it. You have to read books and listen to people and remember stuff well enough to write stuff down. Mind numbingly boring and soul crushing, but not hard.