My friend Nancy and I adopted a fancy racehorse from HiCaliber Horse Rescue. Here is the story of how he got there.
  1. Unusual Heat.
    Racing is about bloodlines and who your daddy is. My horse's daddy is a sought after stud because he was pretty damn fast. He has his own Facebook page and website. His name is Unusual Heat.
  2. It's Not Unusual.
    Unusual Heat has a lot of baby-mamas. In 2007 his son It's Not Unusual was born. [Spoiler Alert: this ends up being the horse that we adopted]. Here is a photo of It's Not Unusual winning a race at Del Mar.
  3. Then Something Bad Happened
    It's Not Unusual could no longer race at some point, so they retired him. They may or may not have tried to find him a good home - but it's clear they didn't keep tabs on him, because he ended up starving. I can barely look at this "before" photo without wanting to stab someone in the neck. Horses make a lot of money for racing folks, and you would think they could keep an eye out.
  4. Luckily, There Are Good People in the World
    It's a long and crazy story, but HiCaliber Horse Rescue found It's Not Unusual among 30 plus starving horses and rescued him. They fattened him up and got him ready to be a adopted to a loving and forever home. Here we are meeting for the first time.
  5. Name Change!
    My friend Nancy and I fell in love with It's Not Unusual whose barn name was, get this... Chaos. Seriously someone named this horse Chaos. We renamed him Walden after the pond thinking it would bring him some peace. Plus, he is a transcendentalist. Here he is rolling in the dirt.
  6. Why am I Telling You This?
    Well, aside from a shameless attempt to get people to give money to the rescue (, I thought people should know what's up in the horse world. It brings out both the worst (greed, selfishness, lack of responsibility) and the best in people (empathy, action). I would encourage folks who go to the races to give money to aftercare rescues to balance it all out. Here is a photo of a barn cat, who is my new life coach because they have it mostly figured out.