1. If the ex-boyfriend is the last person to see the missing/dead girl and he tries to use her ATM card and drives her car around detectives won't arrest him because hey he has a good explanation for that.
  2. However, when the ex-boyfriend sings the Guns and Roses lyric at karaoke "I Used to Love Her But I Had to Kill Her" the detectives will become disgusted with the ex-boyfriend and decide they really need to solve the case. There still won't be an arrest though.
  3. When missing girl is found dead in Minnesota the detectives remember that the ex-boyfriend had actually driven the dead girls car to Minnesota and you know what? This case is really coming together now. Still no arrest though.
  4. Dead girl had carpet in her hair and the ex-boyfriend had carpet rolls in his house (because he was redecorating) but the detectives decide that this means nothing because the dead girl also worked at a carpet store - maybe she put her head on the carpet at work?? So the better evidence in this case is the Guns and Roses lyric at karaoke incident.