From the golden age of celebrity gossip
  1. In 2005, Paris Hilton's bedazzled Sidekick (!!!!!!) got hacked and this was newsworthy enough to deserve a cover!!! This is my all time favorite. I can't help myself. It's so 2005 it hurts.
  2. Did you forget Britney hooked up with Fred Durst in 2003?! You guys: BRITNEY VS THE BEAST!!!!!!!! Someone should have gotten a medal for that cover line.
  3. The Lindsay/Britney/Mischa/everyone partying at Hyde, having their Sidekicks hacked, shopping at Kitson etc era was the golden age of celeb gossip. Also: look at this vintage picture of Ellen!
  4. Botox was so new and mysterious (2004) it deserved a cover of its own. I like that Sharon Osbourne was gossiping about who'd had it.
  5. There were SO MANY Britney covers but this one from 2007 that just says SICK! and features Britney in a very weird sexy Halloween costume is the best.
  6. Only in 2008 would a style issue starring Lauren Conrad, Hilary Duff, and a baby Taylor Swift make perfect sense
  7. SO MANY Gosselin covers but "From Mom to Monster" has to be the definitive. (2009)
  8. Do you remember Octomom? No? The woman who had octupulets (14 kids total) in 2009? Yep.
  9. OMG I KNOW you forgot about this: in 2007 Vanessa Minillo & Lindsay Lohan took some VERY WEIRD "sexy" photos with a knife?!??! THIS WAS A COVER STORY YOU GUYS
  10. Wardrobe malfunction!!!! Also they were FORMER LOVERS - I 100 percent forgot about that. 2004
  11. 2006: I just like the line: "Where's Suri?! BABY MYSTERY!!" I used to have a giant version of this cover in my office but just like Suri, it has gone missing. Also, spoiler alert: Jen and Vince did not get married.
  12. K-Fed! Cigarette in mouth, Britney chewing gum with her mouth open. So 2006. I miss them. Also what was Nick's revenge video??