Donuts are my favorite food. All opinions belong to my tastebuds.
  1. Chocolate glazed
    The absolute best. Simple, classic and always good. I mean, it's CHOCOLATE on a DONUT, people.
  2. Cake donut with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles
    So good it's an emoji! 🍩 But again, CHOCOLATE on a DONUT. Duh. Also, rainbow sprinkles can't be subbed for other kinds of sprinkles. They're just not the same, sorry.
  3. Fresh apple cider donut
    The key here is FRESH, otherwise they're just whatever. But if they're warm, slightly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside... OH SNAPPPP
  4. Boston creme donut
    I guess I really have a thing for chocolate on donuts. Stuff it with some vanilla creme? SOLD!
  5. Nutella cronut
    A part of me really wanted to hate this because it's a cronut, but I just ended up hating myself for loving it so much instead.
  6. Maple bacon
    Getting into the not-so-favorites here and yes, this guy is on the dark side. Don't get me wrong, I love bacon! I love maple! But not together on a donut. It's sensory overload.
  7. Classic glazed
    THE SHOCK! THE HORROR! This one is just a little TOO classic for me. *yawn*
  8. Any kind of savory donut
  9. Plain cake donut
    Dry, gross and boring. These are the ones you dread in the grocery store variety packs.
  10. Sugar donut
    Messy and not worth it. Get a glazed donut if you want to be boring.