I made everyone at the office try this and they all agree it's 💯
  1. Start with a black tea
    You can make your own, but I had this one around so I took the lazy route. Also, go with unsweetened or lightly sweetened tea.
  2. Mix maple tea + syrup
    You want real maple syrup for this, not the fake stuff. It'll taste waaaaaaay better! The amount used is totally up to you. I normally take little sips to make sure the sweetness level is right where I want it.
  3. Get your ice ready in a glass
    The bigger the cube, the better!
  4. Add a shot of bourbon over ice
    Two shots if you're feeling 😎
  5. Pour in tea + maple syrup mixture
    A little squeeze of fresh lemon makes it extra 👌
  6. Drink up!
    Light, refreshing and gets the job done