Today I went to a work thing. It was unlike any other work thing I've ever attended.
  1. I brought homemade brownies
    And became everyone's BFF. One of my greatest fears in life is having to socialize in large groups, so I combined that with one of my greatest joys: feeding people. A great icebreaker you can eat!
  2. A live band remixed current pop hits with 1940s flair
    This was pretty cool
  3. There was a trough of salad
    There were also a couple of people walking around holding parasols with churros hanging from them. Kinda sad I didn't get a photo but I was distracted. CHURROS.
  4. Dan Dunn painted this
    In less than 4 minutes. Upside down. Right in front of us. It was crazy.
  5. And this
    In under 3 minutes!!!
  6. David Blaine did some card tricks
    It was cool. It was cute. It was even funny!
    We're all still traumatized. Especially my friend WHO IS THE ONE WHO DID THE STABBING.
  8. Then he got in a tank of water
    And held his breath for about 9 minutes. I kept worrying about the fish the entire time. Also, we all ate grilled cheese sandwiches while watching this happen.
  9. A girl joined, but decided it wasn't for her
    David wasn't fazed.
  10. Snoop Dogg talked about life and weed
    This was pretty great. Some fun things we learned: 1. He once stopped smoking weed for 120 days straight. 2. He doesn't work at all during football season so he can be there for his kids. 3. He's pretty badass.
  11. John Green and Wes Anderson had a conversation
    This was perfect. Absolutely perfect.
  12. We took a group photo
    Shout out to the ladder and selfie stick Tyler had to use to capture the memz