Stuff. On my body. Right now.
  1. White tee tucked into jeans
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    I'll never get tired of this combo! Top is from Vince and jeans from Madewell
  2. Printed flats
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    Also from Madewell and also awesome
  3. Statement ring
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    If you know me, you've probably seen me wear this. Made by my friend Tiffany, who is one of the coolest ladies I know! Her jewelry is eco-conscious (yay!) with a uniquely understated, modern aesthetic
  4. More rings
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    Just threw these on this morning and liked how they looked together
  5. Sunglasses
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    Quay sunglasses are my new favorite! Inexpensive + really cool designs. These make me feel like a 😺 and I ❤️ them
  6. Nail polish - Essie Miss Fancy Pants
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