Enjoy your freedom @LevNovak
  1. Disconnect
    Yep, I'm suggesting the unthinkable: turn off your phone/computer/whatever for at least half a day, although a full day is ideal. It's liberating and forces you to be present, mindful and appreciative of the things around you. If fully disconnecting isn't an option, try leaving your phone at home or turn it off when spending time with friends. A little time away is better than none!
  2. Move
    This is coming from the #1 hater of anything that has to do with physical activity. The thing is, it's good for us and it's not always terrible. It could be in the form of a long walk, a run, a solo dance party, etc. Weather permitting, do your moving outside! Fresh air works wonders.
  3. Explore
    Go somewhere in your town that you've never visited before. Doesn't have to be anything grandiose. Maybe it's a store, a specific area or a park. Maybe you go and have a "meh" experience, but what if you go and have a 💃 experience? How awesome would that be? Worst case scenario: you went somewhere lame, but at least you went somewhere new.
  4. Cook
    Try a new recipe! Think of something simple that you'd like to learn how to make and look up recipes online. I'm also happy to send some over if you're looking for a place to start.
  5. Sleep!!!
    I mean, it's awesome and you have the time so why not? Tip: keep any naps between 20-30 minutes so you don't totally eff up your sleep schedule. It'll come back to bite you when work starts again.
  6. Meditate
    Try to meditate for one minute longer each day. Just think, by the end of the week you'll be up seven whole minutes!
  7. Catch up with friends
    Now is a great time to reconnect with friends you haven't talked to in a while. If they're around, maybe they can do some of the things on this list with you.
  8. Read
    I think you've already started on this, so I'm just adding it in for moral support.
  9. Clean
    Get rid of crap. It feels so good. Have some shirts you never wear anymore? Pants that you hate? Shoes that are falling apart? Clean all that stuff out. I mean, why keep something around if it's not being used or bringing you joy? Clearing out your space will help clear your mind. Plus, you can probably donate a lot of the stuff so someone else can put it to good use.
  10. Treat yourself
    It could be food, a new piece of clothing (especially if you cleaned!) or anything else that you love but don't do that often. You deserve it!
  11. When all else fails...
    Come to New York and frolic with meeeee!