All Ye Ol' Fandoms

All the shows I love in no specific order. So many that I will probably be editing this for a while.
  1. Arrested Development
    Now the story of a wealthy family, who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them together. #chickendance #theresalwaysmoneyinthebananastand #imadeahugemistake #tricksarewhatawhoredoesformoney
  2. Orphan Black
    "Just one, I'm a few, no family too, who am I?" What would You do if you saw someone that looked exactly like you?! Sarah, Helena, Allison, Cosima, Beth, Rachel are just a few ;) #CloneClub
  3. The Office
    A documentary crew follows Michael Scott and his employees as they sell paper at a paper company. Pranks and jokes galore! Love the cold opens! #ThatsWhatSheSaid #BearsBeetsBattlestarGalactica
  4. Parks and Recreation
    Leslie Knope runs the Pawnee Parks Department and loves the government. Ron Swanson does not. Watch Leslie put her all into making Pawnee better. And Pawnee not giving a shit. #TreatYoSelf #VoteForKnope
  5. Raising Hope
    Jimmy knocks up a serial killer after a one night stand and has to raise the baby #PrincessBeyonce with the help of his parents and #MaMaw who can barely take care of themselves
  6. How I Met Your Mother
    It's all in the title. #NowKidsThisIsTheStory #ThePineappleIncident #ThePlaybook #WaitForIt #Legendary #HaveYouMetTed
  7. Scrubs
    One of the best bromances of all time! J.D. And Turk. And Carla as the third wheel #eeaagglleeee
  8. Friends
    Chandler is my favorite! i mean, is Ross anyone's favorite?! #TheOneWhere #ITakeTheeRachelIMeanEmily #IllBeThereForYou
  9. That 70s Show
    I mean the title pretty much says it all. This is a show about a rag tag group of teens living in the 70s & hanging out in the basement.
  10. New Girl
    Newly single and quirky Jess moves into a loft with 3 dudes- Schmidt, Nick, and Winston. Adventures follow. #WhosThatGirl #ItsJess
  11. Bob's Burgers
    Tina, Louise, and Gene! ❤️#buttsbuttsbutts
  12. Broad City
    Two broads in New York City living life, not giving two fucks. Iliana is life! 🙌🏼 Abbi is my spirit animal #YasQween #FOMO
  13. Charmed
    3 sisters not only find out they're witches, but that they are the Charmed Ones. Which basically means they have to fight demons every damn day. #PowerOfThree #WillSetYouFree #BookOfShadows
  14. Happy Endings
    Brad and Jane. Penny, Max, and a couple formerly known as Alex and Dave, until Alex leaves Dave at the altar and their friend group has to adjust to this new normal. This show is hilarious! MUST WATCH #A-Mah-Zing!
  15. 30 Rock
    Liz Lemon is the writer and creator of TGS, a show on NBC shot at legendary 30 rock in NYC. She also babysits the two main stars- Jenna and Tracy and has to deal with Jack, the network exec. #IWantToGoToThere #ShutItDown
  16. Community
    A diverse group of students form a study group at Greendale Community College. But do they really do any studying?! #TroyandAbedInTheMorning
  17. Veronica Mars
    Veronica is a high schooler part time, full time PI. She starts off investigating the murder of her best friend. The town of Neptune is home to some shady ass characters #LoVe #ALongTimeAgo #WeUsetoBeFriends
  18. BoJack Horseman
    BoJack's fame is fading since his main role in the 90's sitcom, Horsin' Around. He's just another washed up actor. He decides to change this and write a book with the help of a ghost writer - Diane. I love the music in the opening and closing credits. This is a show unlike any other. #backinthe90siwasinaveryfamoustvshow
  19. Orange Is the New Black
    About a group of women in prison. I just love how we find out about the various characters as the seasons go on. This truly is an ensemble cast. #yougottime
  20. Parenthood
    This show is about a great TV family and the different struggles they all face. All the feelings! #TheBravermans
  21. Gilmore Girls
    I love Stars Hollow and the Gilmore girls. Luke and Lorelai! Rory ❤️ #StarsHollow #LukesDiner
  22. Desperate Housewives
    So much shit goes down in Wisteria Lane and these housewives live through it all.
  23. Misfits
    A bunch of kids are doing community service in a crazy storm and get super powers. Shit gets crazy! Must watch!
  24. Gossip Girl
    Blair and Chuck forever. Serena gets all the attention. Xoxo, Gossip Girl.
  25. The Vampire Diaries
    A recently orphaned girl mets a mysterious young man and learns that her little town in VA - Mystic Falls - holds a lot more secrets than she ever imagined. Elena. Stefan. Damon. Vampires. #Delena
  26. The Originals
    The Originals is about the original family of vampires that started the whole damn thing. We first met the Mikaelsons in the Vampire Diaries but they are taking back their city now - New Orleans. Elijah and Klaus 😍 Rebekah & Freya 👑 I also love me some Marcel
  27. Hart of Dixie
    A doctor born and bred in NYC moves to Bluebell, Alabama to work. Fish out of water is an understatement. Wade Kinsella is a man after my own Hart! I love Bluebell and all the funny townies, even Lemon Breeland.
  28. Jane The Virgin
    Jane gets artificially inseminated with an old crush's sperm. While she's engaged to another man. And a virgin. Jane and Rafael. Jane and Michael. Jane and Mateo ❤️ and of course - Rogelio!
  29. One Tree Hill
    About a small town in North Carolina and the teens growing up in it Chad Michael Murray. Sophia Bush. Need I say more?! Nathan and Haley are #relationshipgoals #idontwanttobe
  30. Modern Family
    A show about a (you guessed it!) modern family. Claire and Phil are Erik and I when we become parents.
  31. Nashville
    This show is about country artists trying to make it big (& stay there!) in Nashville. Rayna & Deacon. Scarlett & Gunnar. The storylines are great but the music is even better!
  32. Awkward.
    Jenna Hamilton tries to make it through high school despite being, well, awkward. #YOUREWELCOME
  33. Suburgatory
    Tessa is a fish out of water when she moves from NYC to the Suburbs. Chatswin is an odd little town indeed.
  34. Pushing Daisies
    Ned, the Piemaker, has a special ability. He can bring back people from the dead with a single touch. But as soon as he touches them again, they die. He uses this ability to help his PI friend, Emerson Cod, solve crimes. Along for the ride is his childhood crush, Chuck, who he accidentally brought back to life.
  35. Grey's Anatomy
    A story about doctors in Seattle, Washington. Meredith Grey struggles to live up to her name and the legacy her mother left behind.
  36. Archer
    Sterling Archer is an international spy and a momma's boy. #DangerZone
  37. Shameless
    A family keeping it together in Chicago after being dealt with an absent mother and a drunk father.
  38. The Good Wife
    After her state attorney husband embarrasses her by having a affair that becomes a political scandal, Alicia Florrick returns to her career in law.
  39. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    A bunch of idiots own a bar and do dumb shit.
  40. Crazy Ex Girlfriend
    After running into an ex boyfriend, Rebecca decides to move cross country to follow him and hopefully win him back. Crazy ex girlfriend indeed. Full of funny original musical numbers
  41. Weeds
    Nancy Botwin starts selling weed to support her family after her husband passes. Shit just hits the fan.
  42. Once Upon a Time
    Imagine all the characters from those fairy tales you grew up with were real?! Emma Swan, Storybrooke, the Evil Queen. So many adventures to be had!
  43. UnReal
    Behinds the scenes of Everlasting (think The Bachelor) where Rachel is a master manipulator and Quinn is a boss ass bitch.
  44. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    After being trapped in an underground bunker for years, Kimmy finally escapes and finds a whole new world she must get use to
  45. Reign
    Mary, Queen of Scots travels to France to marry Francis, the prince. Imagine being a royal in the 1500s. Being 16, in charge of a whole country and set to marry a guy for an alliance. French court isn't too different from modern times - sex, drama, war, etc