In chronological order. We were both taking pictures all the time. Some of them even of each other. We just somehow always forget to take any with both of us in them. This is me trying to be conscious of that.
  1. Two in our seats on our flight from Oslo to New York
    The first one was too dark for my face to show. I'm wearing my favorite cat sweatshirt.
  2. Four on top of Rockefeller Center
    We're both wearing sunglasses in three of them, in the fourth only I am. All of them has too much of the selfie arm showing.
  3. Two while eating lunch in Central Park
    He clearly has his mouth full of food in both of them, and in one he is holding his food up as if he's presenting it to the camera.
  4. One on a bridge in Central Park
    My hair is so frizzy it looks like a halo of some sort.
  5. Two while drinking beer at the Brooklyn Barge on the hottest day of our trip
    My face is all the way down in my glass of beer in one of them, and we both look sweaty.
  6. Nine at the 9/11 memorial
    Eight of these I technically didn't make him take with me because he is looking at his phone on all of them and didn't know. We were also trying to be respectful of our surroundings, so none of us are smiling in any of these.
  7. Two on the Brooklyn bridge
    I was trying to get one we could show people, but I look weird in both of them. He looks good though. (Okay, I also took three of only myself there, but they're not any better.)
  8. One on the High Line
    My bra strap is showing ..
  9. One on our hotel bed in New York
    This one doesn't really count. It's almost only me, but his foot is in the picture.
  10. One on the train from O'Hare to Chicago city centre
    Had slept almost nothing that night, so I'm surprised how okay this one is looking.
  11. One in the elevator mirror in our Chicago hotel
    His arms are moving so he looks like an octopus or something. I'm seriously flirting with myself in that mirror.
  12. One in the mirror in the lobby of our friends' Chicago hotel while waiting for them
    This one is nice. It also includes the two guys working at the hotel reception desk.
  13. One in the backseat of a car in Traverse City, MI
    Includes a friend of ours, and the backseat really only took two people, so it's nice and crowded.
  14. Three in the backseat of a car on our way to the bus taking us to our friends' wedding right outside of Traverse City
    There's a reflection in my glasses in all of them, and he has a weird forced exaggerated smile. In one he also has one of his eyes closed and I don't know if he's trying to wink or if it's not on purpose. Hair and make up is great though.
  15. Three on that bus
    In one he looks good and I'm out of focus. The second is way too dark, and you can really only see our friend in the seat behind us looking really suspiciously at us. The third one is also a bit dark, but all three of us look super happy.
  16. Three pictures at the wedding, not selfies!
    We actually remembered to have someone take pictures of us all dressed up, after the ceremony but before the party made us look..well, drunk.
  17. Three on the boat in Niagara Falls
    At the start of the trip, so hair and clothes are still dry. I even think I was stupid enough to put on makeup and we are both wearing white t-shirts, so we clearly didn't know what we were getting into. (My t-shirt has a picture of a kitten on a skateboard on it)
  18. One at the end of the boat trip into the falls
    I'm wearing the poncho, he has taken his off so he's in a see through t-shirt. Hair soaking wet on both of us.
  19. Five by the ocean in Rockport, MA
    That place is windy, so both our hair is all over the place. Two where we're both wearing sunglasses, but three where we remembered to take them off.
  20. Four while he was putting sunscreen on my shoulders and back, maybe 100m away from the last ones
    That open back jumpsuit was a bad choice for such a sunny day. Hair still blowing everywhere.
  21. One in the elevator in our Boston hotel, on our way out to dinner
    Oh, this one is cute. Well, I look cute. He has too much elevator lights in his face.
  22. Three in Boston Common
    All of them too dark and just awful in every way.
  23. One in our seats on our flight from Boston back to Oslo
    Wearing that cat sweatshirt again.