Episodes of Drunk History I could narrate

Inspired by everyone
  1. None
  2. I know so much stuff, but have never cared about history
  3. The battle of Hogwarts, maybe?
    That was in 1998, is that old enough?
  4. How can I not have deep knowledge about anything in history?
  5. Can I do really short episodes where I just say the year stuff happened?
  6. Like, I know the important dates of WWII (okay, I always forget D-day. It's in June, right?) And I know the years of almost all the wars.
  7. Or can I just name all the presidents and not know anything about any of the ones from before I was born?
  8. Ooh, I could talk about Valerie Solanas and when she shot Andy Warhol! I know everything about that!
  9. Wait, no, everything I know is from Sara Stridsberg's The Dream Faculty. That's a novel. That means she made it up. Great book, though!
  10. Well, I could always do another narration of the history of patriarchal oppression of women, then. Like every time I drink.