Into this week (5/2-16)

  1. Nutella
    Today is international Nutella day 💖💖 I made Nutella rolls to celebrate.
  2. This baby elephant trying to get into the bath
  3. Reading in bed with my cat
    It's snowing in Oslo now, so I try to never go outside.
  4. Beyoncé's pregnancy photos
    O M G
  5. This video of my cat being afraid of oranges
  6. Max, Mischa & Tetoffensiven
    A fantastic 1100-page novel by Norwegian author Johan Harstad. All non-norwegian speakers better hope it gets translated.
  7. Sooo many white guys
    Sooo many great interviews!
  8. Blood oranges
    They're in season for such a short time, so for these few weeks I use them in everything.
  9. The Office
    Obviously not new this week, but my boyfriend and I have been binging it lately, and are currently on season 5. It always surprises me how funny it still is after watching it so many times.
  10. This thought!