I listen to a lot of podcasts because I live in Oslo and walk everywhere. Once I'm up to date with a podcast, it usually only gives me like one half-hour episode a week. I need so many hours of new stuff a week! They're listed alphabetically because I'm super into almost all of these. (Left out the ones in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.)
  1. Another Round
  2. Crimetown
  3. Fresh Air
  4. Heavyweight
  5. Hidden Brain
  6. In the Dark
  7. Invisibilia
  8. Keeping it 1600
  9. Limetown
    Oh, this one I wouldn't recommend. Some people were hyping it, and only had six or seven quite short episodes, so I finished it. But I never got that into the story.
  10. Modern Love
  11. More Perfect
  12. The Mortified Podcast
  13. Mystery Show
  14. NPR Politics
  15. On the Media
  16. Radiolab
  17. Reply All
  18. Science Vs
  19. See Something Say Something
  20. Serial
    I also finished the second season because I was afraid that it would get better and I would be missing out. But I didn't pay attention to any of it. Don't remember anything.
  21. Stuff Mom Never Told You
  22. Surprisingly Awesome
  23. There Goes the Neighborhood
  24. This American Life
  25. TLDR
  26. Undisclosed
    I liked the first season of this one because they got deeper into the legal details of the Adnan Sayed case. I don't even know why I'm still keeping up with the second season. There are so many people on it I can't understand, like literally cannot hear what they're saying.
  27. Undone
  28. The United States of Anxiety
  29. Women of the Hour