Types of cell phones I've owned (and how they were broken or stolen)

Inspired by @naughtyedamame
  1. Nokia 3210
    My first 💖💖 I bought so many different cases for this one, and I loved it more than any other phone I've owned since. It could send picture messages that were really nothing more than what you could do with period signs in a normal text, and there were only like five to choose from. But I didn't know how meaningless they would seem sixteen years later, and my boyfriend had the same one, so we could send the heart picture back and forth forever. This one lasted me at least two years.
  2. Ericsson T28
    This one might have been older than my Nokia, but I got it from my then boyfriend who had gotten a new one. In that process our contact lists merged, and for years I had names in my phones that I wasn't sure if were someone I knew/had known or someone he knew. (I have always been good at backing up and syncing, so this lasted for ever. I might still have some of those contacts.)
  3. Ericsson T68i
    So small and cute! It had a color screen, which seemed extremely high tech at the time. And then it was stolen at a house party in high school, and I had to go back to the T68.
  4. Sony Ericsson Z600
    My only flip phone. This one is a sad story. I insisted on the exact one you see in this picture, with the stripes. My then boyfriend worked in an electronics shop, so I could get it cheaper from him. But they didn't have the striped one, had to order it from God knows where, and I had to wait for like three months. I finally got it in May, loved it through the summer, and then it was stolen by some Oliver Twist kid with a map scheme in London in August.
  5. Sony Ericsson K700
    It had a camera! My life was changed! This one was also stolen at a party, a few months after I had moved to Oslo to start university, but I took that insurance money and bought a new one because I loved it so much. So technically this should be listed twice.
  6. Sony Ericsson K800i
    I loved this color! And the camera was great (for its time, now the photos look shitty of course). It probably would have lasted a while as well, but it was stolen from my pocket on my way from my lecture hall to the coffee place in a fifteen minute break. This one still annoys me, and I think about it every time I wear that jacket.
  7. Sony Ericsson K850i
    I sort of hated this one because of the buttons. And because of the neon like lights on the sides (I think mine were blue, not green, but I could be wrong). The buttons made my fingers hurt. I do remember it having some good games, but don't remember which.
  8. Sony Ericsson C905
    This one was annoying as hell to use because the 1-2-3 buttons were so close to the top part that they were almost impossible to press. It also didn't last very long. It started just cutting of my calls after a few minutes, and after a while I wasn't able to make or receive calls at all, so I only communicated through texts. I loved how it looked when I first got it, though. And I think it's still lying in a drawer somewhere.
  9. HTC Desire
    My first smart phone, and it was great! The revolutionary feeling of having all the apps. I mean, I have had so much technology that I've never used after getting this phone. I got a new one when the battery stopped lasting long enough, but I think I still have it somewhere.
  10. Samsung Galaxy R
    Shit phone. I was broke and found this on sale, and it sort of worked for a while. I hated all the Samsung apps that I couldn't get rid of. And then it just stopped working at all during a software update.
  11. Google (LG) Nexus 4
    This turned me into a Google fangirl. (Okay, not forreal. I don't care that much. But it was great.) After maybe eight months I fell and broke the glass on the back, but I just fixed it with duct tape which looked awesome. Then after maybe six more months I was drunk and smoking outside a bar, and I dropped it, and the entire front broke which it didn't handle.
  12. Google (LG) Nexus 5x
    Current. This one has a crack in the front screen that I still think I will have fixed someday. But I will probably break it completely before I get around to that.