Things I Feel Tonight Without Medication

Didn't take anything for my anxiety tonight cuz sometimes in life you just feel bad and that's how you feel
  1. A lingering sense of unease
  2. That something is unresolved
  3. Worry
  4. Unrest and frustration. I may not have all the answers
  5. Restless.
  6. A kind of pressure in my head
  7. Likely too much caffeine from the Americano at 9pm
  8. Disturbed. About a very unfortunate situation surrounding people I don't really know
  9. Introspective. cuz huh.
  10. Selfish.
  11. Desperate to stop a wedding in 28 days but like, also get the groom to fall in love w me in 28 days
  12. Ungrateful and indebted. To a someone, for taking great care to find a cure for me, the incurable