Reservations to my happy places
  1. Nebo Lodge. North Haven island, Maine.
    Located in the heart of Penobscot Bay. Get there by ferry and leave the car behind. Take my advice and bring a bike or rent one there to explore the island. Some of the best food I have ever had, and try to book a barn dinner. Rooms I have booked: •Brimstone. •Dogfish.
  2. The Porches Inn. North Adams, Massachusetts.
    Victorian row mill housing. Quirky and comfortable. Right next to must visit MASS Moca (Massachusetts museum of Contemporary Art). Breakfast is an easy buffet, or have it delivered to the room in a mill workers metal industrial lunch box. We didn't opt for that cute option, but I can advise you to enjoy the awesome hot tub at night!
  3. Madonna Inn. San Luis Obispo, California
    The ultimate in kitsch. 110 different themed rooms. The website shows them all, it's worth a click around. Rock showers, fireplaces, waterfalls! Pick your fancy! This place is a ball of pink super fun! Dinner at Gold Rush is a must do ( Xmas time was off the wall!) and save space for a slice of pink champagne curled cake. We splurged for spa services and I highly recommend "the caveman" Pool is wonderful as well. Rooms I have booked • Lovebirds•LoveNest•BarrelOfFun.
  4. Hotel Stephan. Hamburg, Germany
    Classic, traditional, and locally owned. Decorated with an old style that is as comforting as staying at Oma's house. Breakfast should not be missed, you will regret skipping it.
  5. Ripplewood Resort. Big Sur, California
    Semi Rustic Cabins. Please don't go there. Stay far away. Don't you dare eat there either. Look elsewhere. I beg you please don't venture into the late night to the hot springs at The Esalen Institute and go back to the cabin to warm yourself by the fire. It's a bad idea. Horribly beautiful trees surround you, so stay out.
  6. Wiesbaden hot springs spa and lodging. Ouray, Colorado
    This wonder is located in a beaut of a town dubbed " the Switzerland of America". The rooms are adorable but the main draw is the VAPOR CAVE and soaking pool! It's for guests only and unbelievable. The outside pool and personal hot tub are great too, but go down to the VAPOR CAVE! I would walk thru town and find Mr. Grumpy's Ourayle Brewery in town if you want to know what's good. 🍻