It's all I want right now...
  1. Cardamon
    Beer. Tea. My go to cooking spice. Bread. If it's listed in a menu I order it.
  2. Goat cheese
    It gives me feels. Dark chocolate like feels.
  3. Start wearing purple
    By Gogol Bordello. I promise.
  4. Amy Schumer
    She is having a great year. I am constantly impressed by her.
  5. Wine from Spain
    Rioja, Cava, gimme
  6. Dave Navarro
    Gives me the giggles.
  7. 2015 New York Mets
    Daniel fuckin Murphy
  8. Neil Gaiman
    On a binge. How have I never read anything by him before!? I am truly sad when I get to the last page.
  9. Olive and teal
    This color scheme is just so pleasing