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  1. Why does he use this auto tune mike all the time?
  2. This background singer is awesome.
  3. I don't get this.
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  1. New magazine day (Thursday)
    This addiction stems from my Mother. I have yet to meet another person outside of my family, who knows which day the new magazines are released.
  2. Watching the sunset over the lake at my cottage.
  3. When you're laughing so hard with friends that you can barely breathe.
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This is my first list...here goes nothing.
  1. Librarian
    I used to go into the library and the librarian would let me pick which books they were going to order, seeing as I had already read the current collection. Plus, I liked the date stamp.
  2. Writer
    I thought I was going to write the next great American (technically Canadian) novel.
  3. Neonatologist
    Instead of embracing English, I went to university for science and was determined that this was my calling. I got to university and realized I wasn't the smartest kid in class anymore. And I didn't want to be a doctor as much as the other kids.
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