1. New magazine day (Thursday)
    This addiction stems from my Mother. I have yet to meet another person outside of my family, who knows which day the new magazines are released.
  2. Watching the sunset over the lake at my cottage.
  3. When you're laughing so hard with friends that you can barely breathe.
  4. A local pub where you know the bartenders' names and they know your beer of choice (Shout out to "The Wren").
  5. When my Mom, sister and I are together.
  6. My Gramma's pie fresh out of the oven
  7. New passport stamps
  8. Cracking the spine on a new book.
    But never folding the corners!
  9. When I know I've made a difference to a patient or their family.
  10. Checking items off a to-do list
  11. Autumn
  12. The new puppy smell
  13. A new, blank agenda
  14. Eating ice cream that is SLIGHTLY melted straight from the carton.