This is my first list...here goes nothing.
  1. Librarian
    I used to go into the library and the librarian would let me pick which books they were going to order, seeing as I had already read the current collection. Plus, I liked the date stamp.
  2. Writer
    I thought I was going to write the next great American (technically Canadian) novel.
  3. Neonatologist
    Instead of embracing English, I went to university for science and was determined that this was my calling. I got to university and realized I wasn't the smartest kid in class anymore. And I didn't want to be a doctor as much as the other kids.
  4. Genetic Counsellor
    I chose biology as a major as a path to medicine, but I had always loved genetics. I simple realized that I was not meant to spend my life in a research lab and thought this was the best of both worlds.
  5. Paediatric Nurse
    I stumbled into nursing. My roommate during my first degree was a nurse and I became friends with a lot of nurses. I had the science background and I went for it. What I found was that it was the perfect fit for me. I am not cut out for a desk job. I like fast-pace. I like being the calm in the storm. I ended up as a paediatric neurosciences and trauma nurse at the largest paediatric hospital in the country and have never regretted one day of it.