We all have songs that we obsess over.. for a given period of time. Here are 12 songs that I find myself listening to more than once during the week. By the way, they are listed in this order because of an incremental feature. Can you guess what it is?
  1. Exxus by Glass Animals
    This was one of the first songs that deviated from my usual taste. The tempo probably was what captured my attention. Or it was probably because it was playing during a badass scene in a Blacklist episode.
  2. Let Me Go by Oh Mercy
    Eager to find new music, Oh Mercy appeared as a related artist from The Strokes. Great Barrier Grief, the album where this song comes from, has to be their best one.
  3. Radar Love by Golden Earring
    Wow! Look! Another song from a Blacklist episode. The TV show should be my source of music rather than James Spader entertainment.
  4. Sunday Night by Last Dinosaurs
    Recommended to me by a friend in the fall of last year, this artist continues to be one of my favorites. This Australian band does NOT make their bassist unnoticed. Listening to them always reminds me of autumn: 40° whether, gilded sunsets, and the sound of crunching leaves.
  5. Welcome To Japan by The Strokes
    I once disliked The Strokes. Why? I don't know. I was too emo to listen to them. I don't even know what that means. This song is too good.
  6. S.O.S. In Bel Air by Phoenix
    Ahhhh Phoenix. This band easily makes it into my top 3. Their music is too funky and will have you moving a little.
  7. Second Chance by Peter Bjorn and John
    Here is a song that reminds me of the summer '15.
  8. Newjack by Justice
    Thanks to Spotify, I now listen to some Electronic.
  9. Nightmare by Polyphia
    Instrumental??? Bass??? Sign me up please.
  10. We Own The Night by Dance Gavin Dance
    I have been a huuuuge fan for DGD for years. However, I stopped listening to them before they release DBM II. Not long ago, my curiosity led me to the music video to this song. I must say, I loved the lights.. And the music.
  11. The Hypnotist by Erra
    This long awaited album dropped a day after my birthday. I must say, Erra went a different direction with this album. It was OK. This song reminds me of their old stuff.
  12. Letter Experiment by Periphery
    I use to tutor kids at a middle school around the upper east side of Manhattan. After school, I would help the teacher, Michael, set up the classroom. One day, I criticized him for listening to Weezer, since that was playing on his Pandora. In response, he opened up YouTube and told asked me what my favorite song was. I told him, and he cranked up this song.. IN A ROOM WHERE 11-13 YEAR OLDS LEARN!!