Albums that instantly remind me of a school year

I started listening to music in the sixth grade.. Thus..
  1. (6th Grade) The Poison - Bullet For My Valentine
    My friend told me to give "Room 409" a try. To this day, I can't believe the 12 year old me would dig that.
  2. (7th Grade) On Frail Wings Of Vanity and Wax - Alesana
    This was the time period where I would begin listening to "screamo"
  3. (8th Grade) Mesmerize - System of a Down
    I would always sing their songs in class....... COOOL IN DENIAL WE'RE THE COOL REGULATORS SMOKING CIGARO CIGARO CIGARO
  4. (9th Grade) Downtown Battle Mountain - Dance Gavin Dance
    One of my favorite albums. Just listening to this album makes me feel the cool breeze of October and gr8 days.
  5. (10th Grade) The Hollow - Memphis May Fire
    Decent album. I don't know why I use to listen to them a lot.
  6. (11th Grade) Misery Escape - The Sorrow
    I was obsessed with this melodic death band.. so much that I made my IG @miseryescape
  7. (12th Grade) Periphery II - Periphery
  8. (Freshman) Descensus - Circa Survive
    Another album that takes me back for sure. Listening to the album allows me to imagine snowflakes melt on my skin in Washington Square Park.
  9. (Sophomore) Drift - Erra
    Probably my least favorite year so far. Erra's new album surely made it a little better and will always remind me of this period.
  10. (Junior) Chasing Waves - Vista Kicks
  11. (Senior) ???? - ?????