May 21, 2016
  1. Visiting El Museo Del Barrio
    The admission to this small museum was free today (every third Saturday of each month). It was also the last day the exhibit "The Illusive Eye" was gonna be open! Everything there played with your eyes and mind. (PC: @mechoyos)
  2. Eating at a Burger Joint by 8th Street
    Fresh bread + mayo + juicy beef + crunchy lettuce + perfect blend of mustard and ketchup + pickles + tomato + crispy bacon + delicious golden fries = happy Kevin (Apologies if you're vegetarian/vegan)
  3. Stopping by Samsung 837
    I experienced all of this "virtual reality" everybody has been talking about. Let me get this straight: What goes on in those funky glasses FEELS REAL. I was in a roller coaster and was panicking so much that the people next to me started laughing. 10/10 would buy (when I have the money, of course)