Happy 33rd birthday, Anne Hathaway! The actress and down-to-earth Jersey girl knows how to own the red carpet. Her big night mantra? "Keep breathing." Here is a dozen examples of her stellar style. (http://bit.ly/1kPmGkV)
  1. IN RALPH LAUREN, 2015
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    Hathaway attended the Met gala in a golden hooded gown accessorized with nothing more than a metallic clutch and Repossi ear cuff.
  2. IN IRO AND THEORY, 2015
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    Hathaway paired an IRO 'Abrila' blazer with Theory cropped trousers and a sheer top at the New York premiere of Song One.
  3. IN CHANEL, 2015
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    The actress wore a dramatic, black and gold Chanel gown while attending the Shanghai premiere of Interstellar.
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    The Intern actress attended the film's U.K. premiere in a black lace gown with a flouncy mermaid hem.
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    A white sheath translated to simple elegance at the American Film Institute Awards.
  6. IN OSMAN, 2015
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    Photographed en route to the set of Good Morning America to promote The Intern, Hathaway wore a crisp white button-down embroidered with a lip motif and styled with a black leather Osman skirt and red pumps.
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    The sleek silhouette of the actress's dress tempered its fuchsia hue at the 19th annual Art Directors Guild Excellence in Production Design Awards.
  8. IN VILSHENKO, 2015
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    Hathaway selected a floral top and skirt for an opening night party celebrating the play Grounded.
  9. IN VALENTINO, 2015
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    For the Cinema Society premiere of The Intern, Hathaway chose a black tie-neck point d’esprit top and embroidered carwash pleats.
  10. IN RODARTE, 2015
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    A one-sleeve asymmetric look for the N.Y.C. premiere of The Intern featured black beadwork, sheer panels, sequins, and a fringed trim.
  11. IN GUCCI, 2014
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    Hathaway accented her appropriately sleek gown with Neil Lane jewelry at the Academy Awards.
  12. IN OSCAR DE LA RENTA, 2013
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    Hathaway paired her beaded column gown with platinum TIffany & Co. jewels at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards.