It's a fact: No one has been on our cover more often than Drew Barrymore. Her 8th issue in our 21 year history is in newsstands now, and we mean this sincerely when we say that each time we work with her, we love her more.
  1. She works really, really hard (even though she doesn't have to).
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    We're unafraid to admit that we’re particularly obsessed with the month’s cover star, mother, and multi-talented businesswoman Drew Barrymore. She is hands on in everything she does. Case in point: Between takes on our N.Y.C. cover shoot, Barrymore approved bindings for her new book (Wildflower) and talked on the phone about Flower beauty fulfillment orders with big retail guns.
  2. She's always willing to try new things.
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    When Drew Barrymore was last on our cover two years ago, she did our first ever Spreecast interview and her first ever live Twitter chat. This time she went to another dimension with us -- literally! She eagerly signed on to work with InStyle and Jaunt VR to create our first virtual experience. It is like getting VIP access to visit Drew on set! Sign up for your VR kit free at
  3. She is so comfortable with herself, that you're comfortable around her.
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    Drew tells InStyle that “the messages we send to ourselves and to other women, what we relay to our children…have to be based on reality.” And, Drew’s about as real as it gets. When arriving to chat with InStyle for the cover story, the actress was wearing little-to-no makeup and had kicked off her flats under the table, just like anyone else would. See for yourself in this video:
  4. She is a mom first and foremost.
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    Her approach to writing her new memoir, Wildflower, is a perfect example of how her two girls, Frankie and Olive, lead every decision in her life. You won't find even one funny sex-anecdote in its pages. "I consciously chose not to include those. I want this book to be a love letter to my daughters," says Barrymore.
  5. She can laugh about her mistakes.
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    At the 2006 Golden Globes, Barrymore wore a green, form-fitted Gucci dress, which cause a bit of a media stir after the actress's, um, assets were pretty...accentuated. The actress wasn't too hard on herself about the incident. Except, she did say that she felt she "tarnished" Gucci's name. With a good amount of humor, Barrymore apologized to Gucci and gave women some advice on dressing for their body type. (
  6. She gave her daughter a tiger birthday cake that looks like this.
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    Just Drew Barrymore being the coolest mom—again. "My daughter [Olive] wanted a tiger cake for her birthday," she posted. "I just had no idea it would be the radest and most hilarious tiger cake on the planet."