1. Drink more water
    I plan on using a cute water bottle to help me achieve this goal.
  2. Watch one docu-film a week
    "Docu-film Friday"??
  3. Learn French
    I'm going to spend a few hours each week on Duolingo to get me started. I need to have a basic understanding of the language and some phrases by June, so I am planning on starting soon.
  4. Meditate + Practice Yoga
    I'm going to start spending a half hour each day practicing yoga and meditation. I need to eliminate stress and I also need to exercise more, so I think this will help me do both.
  5. Save $5 or $10 a week
    I need to save up my money. Plain and simple.
  6. Do my best in school, but don't overwork myself
    I need to finish a lot of things in this next semester. Specifically, I need to finish my online classes so that I can graduate on time. I know that as long as I stay motivated and don't over-stress, I can definitely reach that goal.
  7. Write in my journal more often
    Once every day, or once every other day.
  8. Eat more cucumbers and watermelon
    A great way to fill up and not binge eat as much.
  9. Spend less time on social media
    Have one day a week completely free of social media
  10. Minimize my possessions
    Go through my closet and donate what I don't wear any more. Donate books I won't read that are cluttering my room.
  11. Organize my life
    Use my planner more often. Life will be hectic in 2017 and I need to stay focused.