I don't care if we're dating, just friends, acquaintances, or otherwise. The following things will make me immediately lose respect for you and drop you in a hot second. Take notes.
  1. Ridicule other cultures/languages
    This is so insensitive and rude. You should be ashamed. It's not funny and I will not laugh. I will, instead, call you out on it and most likely not talk to you again.
  2. Bash feminism
    I don't even care who you are, if you have any negative thoughts about feminism then you're clearly uneducated or misinformed. I would be happy to help you understand, but if you don't want to put forth any effort consider yourself removed from my life.
  3. Defend Donald Trump
    Literally why would you even defend a man so vile and vain?! If you can present an educated, fact-driven argument then MAYBE I will still be friends with you. No, you can't source Fox News.
  4. Be mean/rude to my family
    Especially to my sister. Back off, bitch.
  5. Send me snapchats of your gun(s)
    I don't mess with that shit. Get away from me with that thing.
  6. Make negative remarks about my appearance
    Keep your negative opinions about my physical appearance to yourself, please and thank you.
  7. Hate on Miley Cyrus
    Miley is literally my queen and if you have anything nasty to say about her, please close the door on your way out