sometimes its okay to act like you're made of money?
  1. creamy smokey mozzarella/parmesan pasta salad thing
    from fresh market, which was the first yuppie kingdom we attacked, or my boyfriend did, because he's a goddamn trooper and i was too hungover to leave our cave
  2. artichoke salad thing
    artichokes, grape tomatoes, green pepper?, olives, this was okay, took a bite first thing in the morning after a night of excessive drinking and slight adderall usage and decided i'd never eat artichokes at a time like that ever again
  3. stuffed grape leaves, roasted garlic cloves, mozzarella balls
    hand chosen by boyfriend (fresh market)
  4. half baked greek pizza
    also from fresh market, this shit was delicious. feta, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, whole roasted garlic cloves, spinach? 425 degress for 8-10 minutes in the oven.... damn
  5. guava and cheese pastries
    next we decided to go to whole foods, which was completely terrifying because we never go to whole foods. these things were delicious, pretended i didnt care that boyfriend ate most of them but i was totally jealous
  6. garlic and kale hummus
    on a whim? its whatever
  7. almond butter, crunchy
    truly a luxury
  8. real ass maple syrup
    also truly a luxury
  9. for frozen ass multigrain waffles
    been craving waffles for ages, finally decided being on my period meant eating basically sugar for breakfast is acceptable
  10. two (2) boxes annies macaroni and cheese
    original macaroni and cheddar and bunny shaped with cheddar, used original mac&cheese to make a faux fancy baked mac with added truffle cheese, peas, and spinach, because we're gourmet lazy fucks
  11. organic ketchup
    faux fancy
  12. waffle fries!!!!!
    bed for organic ketchup, obviously
  13. yogurt
    like three different yogurts? two 'oh my yog' brand (which is a disguting name to say out loud), madagascar vanilla bean and fancy blueberry, ate vanilla one, 3/5 stars. also this fancy ass wildberry yogurt in a tiny glass jar, which we kept, and i later drank wine out of
  14. bulk granola
    blueberry kind, there were maybe 4 blueberries in the little amount we got, smells good, havent eaten any of it
  15. blood orange soda
    whole foods brand, fucking delicious and fancy as hell
  16. 6 pack of root beer
    my boyfriend is 13 years old, also whole foods brand i think
  17. fancy veggie chips
    i only remember beet and sweet potato but there were ~5 other veggies, i think.... these were good, there werent very many in the bag, felt like a true yoga mom eating them
  18. ginger beer!
    real ginger! so spicy! the best! 5 stars!
  19. CHEESE
    aforementioned truffle cheese, havarti with dill, a soft cheese i cant remember the name of. this was from the attack on trader joes, which is ultimately a place that i have always found terrifying, because why are there so many hawaiian shirts and bells
  20. 'some enchanted cracker'
    'multigrain crackers perfect for entertaining', or eating with cheese, or almond butter/honey combo, we had fun with these
  21. 'colossal olives'
    green olives apparently hand stuffed (woah!) with garlic cloves, these are good, but not THAT good :-(
  22. cheese cracker sandwiches
    like fancy ones, that taste like mac and cheese, because my boyfriend, again, is a child (thats not to say i didnt eat like.... 500 of them though)
  23. i think thats it........
    we're officially royalty now, right?