a short list in light of the attack in my very own city beautiful
  1. donate blood if you can!
    OneBlood centers all around Orlando are asking for donations, O negative is the most needed but any type is accepted
  2. if you can't donate blood, bring water, snacks, and good conversation to those who are
    the outpour of help from local companies and local people at the one blood donation center I went to today was absolutely amazing! its hot outside and the lines are long, helping eachother stay hydrated, joyous, and without low blood sugar is important!
  3. hugs can help
    we are in this together! a handshake, a hug, a smile, greet your neighbor, be polite, share your umbrella against the sun
  4. share tears, and jokes to get rid of them
    community is best. surround yourself with friends and family, surround your friends and family.
  5. BE SAFE!
    for anyone anywhere, always, really
  6. and mostly.... i love you all ❤️
    shine brighter than ever, all of you