Advice on Getting Married

I received the same advice about getting married from three different people
  1. I mentioned to a former coworker who became a friend that I liked to get married one day. Before I could say anything else, she said don't settle. "Whatever you do don't settle."
  2. On my 44th birthday last March, I went to Benihana's. There was a couple at our table that had been married for twenty years. Without me asking, the husband told me the key to a lasting marriage was not to settle when picking your spouse.
    I love Benihana's
  3. On Easter I went to Texas de Brazil with my good friend and her grandma. This time I asked my friend's grandma if she could give us some advice about getting married. She said, "Meet him halfway." And then after a long pause she said, "And don't settle."
  4. So there you have it - don't settle!
    May you live happily ever after!!!