I deleted my Facebook account in 2009.
  1. I was on it all of the time!
    Back then I wasn't familiar with the term rabbit hole but I lived in the rabbit hole of Facebook.
  2. I was obsessed with my friend count so I accepted anyone as my friend.
    This led to a marriage proposal in my inbox.
  3. I was playing the game where you create a baby and then it grows into a toddler.
    I had three children Keomi, Wynne and Olu. My mother loved them. We had many conversations about them. (Actually this wasn't so bad.)
  4. Sometimes I was envious of my "friends" lives and I didn't like that feeling.
  5. I didn't like knowing my "friends" opinions about everything.
    The weird things is I don't mind knowing strangers' opinions. I think of people on Twitter and List as familiar strangers. I am actually quite interested in what people on List and Twitter have to say.
  6. I had to keep up with my excuses for not showing up for events.
    I can't come to your party but don't worry in two hours I will be tagged in a picture at someone else's party.
  7. Selfie remorse
  8. Leaving comments and being misunderstood by "friends"
  9. SHADE
    Receiving comments from "friends" that were way out of line.
  10. Ok this list is null and void now. By a fluke (it's a long story) my Facebook book account was reactivated. I couldn't figure out how to delete it. A dear friend suggested I leave it open and I did. 31 Birthday wishes later, I'm okay with it
  11. I thanked each Birthday wisher individually under their comments so I did establish a presence but technically I haven't made an update since 2009.