Movies that you only really like the first time you watch them, but that left their mark on you. Like your first hit, you try to recapture the high by watching them again, but it never feels as good as the first time. Know what I mean?
  1. The Game
    You never see the first plot twist coming, let alone the second one. Not the best acting performances by either Douglas or Penn, but the screenwriting is superb.
  2. The Blair Witch Project
    I was apparently the only guy in the theatre that didn't know the premise. But I certainly wasn't the only one scared silly during the closing scene. One of the few movies I've seen where the whole audience remained seated during the credits, catching its breath.
  3. Se7en
    One of the best combinations of writing, casting, directing, and acting. This one can certainly be watched more than once. But you never recapture the suspense.
  4. The Hangover
    Films are funnier than this one, but few comedies have built suspense into their plot lines like this one.