Rules for the Grocery Store...2 days before Christmas 🎄

  1. Stay to the right.
    It's like the highway.
  2. Walk single file.
    You can talk to each other when you get home.
  3. Make an organized department is a good idea.
    No aimless wondering.
  4. Ahhhh- the wine aisle
    I'll get some of both.
  5. Grocery shopping is NOT a family affair.
    2 parents, 4 kids, a double stroller, a cart with a big kiddie car in front and, by all means, let the kid with ADHD "walk". Maybe 1 parent could stay home with the kids...just a suggestion.
  6. Don't pretend you don't know where the end of the line is...yes, it IS all the way down that aisle!
  7. No SnapChatting!
    What the hell are you snapping at the bakery? Go home and make your own Christmas cookies.
  8. I KNOW you want my up-front princess parking spot!
    You putting your blinker on and sitting 2 inches from my rear bumper just makes me want to sit here in my car and add to this list 😜