Answering all of your questions because you seem super cool and I like cool. And also because I want to start writing lists and this one is fun, @amieshmamie
  1. Do I feel moved by my national anthem?
    Big NO. Our anthem is nice but the thing is it doesn't have lyrics, which is kind of weird but nobody would dare to write them. So when it sounds everyone goes like "lo lo lo lo lololololo" and you can't be moved.
  2. How do children go to school?
    They just don't. Jk, their parents drive them. There are buses but they're normal buses that only kids that live too far use.
  3. Can I succinctly explain my country's healthcare system and are most citizens satisfaied with it?
    We pay some taxes to fund our public healthcare system, then we go to te doctor and everything we need is for free. You can also have your private insurance which you don't really need but it's nice because it works faster. People aren't happy but it's because the system used to work way better before the crisis.
  4. What is the best part of living in my country?
    Easy: THE FOOD. We have the best food ever. Also the climate, the light, the night live... There's always somewhere to go to have fun.
  5. What is the worst part?
    Right now it's politics. Our democracy is different, so we don't vote between 2 candidates, we vote between infinite parties. During the last 4 years two small parties have become stronger, so now there are 4 big parties and they have to choose the government and they don't, so we're voting for the third time this year on Christmas day and our country is paralized since last 12/20.
  6. Are there accents within the language I speak?
    Yes! Loads. Southern sounds funny and alive but everyone says they're lazy. North western sounds sad. Northern sounds rough. And we also have at least 4 languages in the country.
  7. What would I say is the overall impression people from my country have of the US and it's citizens?
    We watch your movies and series, so basically the coasts are cool and the interior of the country is fat. We can't understand why you need guns, your lawyers seem way cooler than ours. It seems like the only way to die in the US is being murdered, but you are really good at being together when you need to (we have like our little 9/11 here and even the NGOs for the victims hate each other)
  8. Have I ever lived in another country?
    Nope, only tourism.
  9. Do I hope to move to the US someday?
    YES! Coasts are cool and I'm a screen writer, I'll need to improve my English a lot (I swear I'm funny and clever in Spanish) but I can't work in Spain. The budgets for our movies are ten times smaller so there's no work here...
  10. Can you come stay with me?
    If I ever leave my parents' house, of course