1. I pretend I've seen way more movies than I have
    And I always say it's been too long and I don't remember the plot
  2. I pretend I know who everyone is
    From politicians to VS models
  3. I pretend my grammar is perfect
    But I'm checking Google even when I'm texting
  4. I pretend my music is still kind of punk
    But once you pop you can't stop
  5. I pretend I'm super confident
    And then I spend hours grabbing my tummy in front of the mirror
  6. I pretend I'm calm
    And then I cry by myself because I don't get what I work for
  7. I pretend I'm funny
    But I'm not sure at all about that one
  8. I pretend I don't miss them
    And then I check my phone in case it's the day they have texted