Tell me about your name

Inspired by everyone (sorry I couldn't find who started It)
  1. I didn't have a name until the moment I was born
  2. My parents didn't like any of the options the have thought of
  3. I was nameless
  4. My grandmother said she liked Irene
  5. Everyone loved it
  6. I love it
  7. My grandmother died when I was 5
  8. I didn't got to know her well
  9. My mum says she had a lot in common with me
    She loved books, fashion and she had my kind of humour. She was very strong and independet. She was everything I like about myself.
  10. I got obsessed with Sherlock Holmes when I was 13
  11. Specially with Irene Adler
    Strong, independet, smart and beautiful.
  12. I found my grandmother's copy of Sherlock Homes
  13. It had a bookmark
  14. She knew Irene Adler
  15. I like to think she named me after a great literary woman
  16. That way we can have a connection